Woman battling multiple sclerosis sees big improvements from stem cell therapy

Karin Boyd is a 46-year-old Traverse City woman who has been battling multiple sclerosis for about 11 years.

“It’s where your own immune system attacks itself,” said Boyd.

She says she’s tried taking multiple medications to ease her symptoms but she recently discovered another treatment, and now she wants to share her success with others.

She was first diagnosed in 2005.

“I was missing a out on a lot,” Boyd said. “I was tired all the time, I couldn’t get through the day, I would have to go home and take a nap. I wasn’t getting the cooking and cleaning done like I felt like I should.” Denver stem cell therapy could have been an option.

She says she constantly had numbness in her hands and feet.

Despite multiple medications, she even started to lose the ability to use her right leg in 2010.

“I couldn’t walk. I had to have a walker or wheelchair or cane to walk,” Boyd said.

Thankfully a more aggressive drug brought her independent walking back, but not without other consequences.

“The drugs don’t make you feel good,” said Boyd.

That’s when she discovered StemGenex, a procedure based on using the healing benefits of a patient’s own cells.

Boyd flew out to California in September for the three-day procedure.

“The patient undergoes a simple mini liposuction to obtain the patient’s own fat cells,” said Dr. Steven Brody, M.D., P.h.D., Chief Scientific Officer of StemGenex. “It’s processed in the lab to obtain both the stem cells and a cellular fraction separated from the fat. It’s infused back into the patient, and some other parts of the patient’s body which might be impacted are also injected with this collection of cells containing the stem cells.”

The procedure wasn’t cheap though, costing $20,000. Boyd said it’s not covered by insurance.

But because of the way it has already changed her life, she says it’s really priceless.

“I go to work, I come home, like I said I’m cooking, I’m cleaning,” Boyd said. “Realizing how much I’ve deprived everything because I haven’t had the energy.”

“My husband said to me the other day, ‘I feel like I have my best friend back again,’ and hearing that was pretty cool.”

Boyd says she’s even able to feel her fingertips again.

Given the chance, she says she’d do it all over, and that she recommends others try it too.

“If you can get just part of your life back, it’s so worth the journey,” said Boyd. “It makes everything worthwhile.”

More than half of the patients that undergo the procedure with StemGenex are battling M.S., according to Dr. Brody.

Dr. Brody says they also treat a lot of people with Parkinson’s Disease as well as two different types of arthritis and lung disease.

A fundraising page has also been set up to help Boyd offset some of the costs from her procedure.

Experimental stem cell therapy helps restore paralyzed man’s movement

When Kris Boesen’s car fishtailed on a wet road, hitting a tree and slamming into a telephone poll, the 21-year-old never thought he would walk again. But results from an early-stage clinical trial using stem cells to restore movement have given the 21-year-old promise that his spinal cord injury may one day be reversed, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

Boesen, of Bakersfield, California, qualified for the study at the Keck Medical Center of the University of Southern California (USC).

“He was extremely excited about having an opportunity to try to do something—to get better than he was at that point,” Boesen’s father, Rodney Boesen, told the news station.

Doctors told the young man that he’d likely never have movement or sensation below his neck, but the trial aimed to improve those functions.  Stem cell therapy was an option.

In early April— within two weeks to 30 day of Boesen’s injury— neurosurgeon Charles Liu and his team injected 10 million stem cells, called AST-OPC1 cells, directly into his cervical spinal cord, Fox 5 Atlanta reported. Within two weeks, the effects of his accident began to improve.

“Patients who suffer these disabilities want more than anything else to do something for themselves,” says Dr. Liu, director of the USC Neurorestoration Center, told the news station. “They want to be more independent, less dependent. It makes all of us appreciate how important it is that we can do these things.”

Today, three months after receiving the therapy, Boesen can feed himself, use his cellphone and operate his motorized wheelchair, according to Fox 5 Atlanta. He also can write his name, and hug family and friends.

“If I was there and I was able to thank them,” he told the news station. “I would just tell them, ‘Thank you for giving (me) my life back.  Thank you for allowing me to live my life again.’”

Since the procedure, Boesen has been evaluated four times, and he will be monitored every four months.


Meas Agency – 480-297-3064 – Unprofessional Designs

Meas Agency – 480-297-3064 – Unprofessional Designs

What are we looking at? Perhaps one of the worst website designers in the area. Recently reviewed on SIMON Score they dont even make the charts. Meas Agency, value or trash?

Do We Recommend This Developer?  No

Based on the information provided by agents who has evaluated these sites along with customer
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Does This Developer Produce Modern Work?  No

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Overview of Score

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Individual Category Rating: Based on 2 Sites

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Top Issues Impacting SIMON Score

Overall, these are the worst sites I have ever seen in my professional career. It appears as if the developer’s
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Victoria Ligons – 602-750-5094 – BAD Web Design Work

Victoria Ligons – 602-750-5094 – BAD Web Design Work

Victoria Ligons is another Arizona based website designer doing damage to business owners by providing them with outdated websites. Her work is done using WIX and gives the businesses a very tacky and unprofessional look.  When one of our undercover reps emailed her asking about her services shes was not even able to produce a link to her own website. Her price tag on a WIX site is $500 which is a complete rip off for any business as they will eventually learn that what they have is a $500 piece of outdated work that will need to be redesigned by a pro.

Courtesy of SimonScore.com




EMAIL FROM VICTORIA————————————————————-

Good Afternoon James,
I create all of my websites through wix.com which is very easy to understand and very inexpensive compared to there competitors. For a basic website I charge $500 and I get half up front and the other half when I am done with the website. When I am completed with the website, you or your company will pay for the package through wix.com which is separate from my personal fee. If you have already purchased a domain name I can transfer the domain through to the new website. I can give you several of companies domain names and you can look at my previous work. If you are wanting something a little more complex or even more. I would prefer to look at your current website and let me know what changes that you are wanting.
www.azhhp.org ( The Arizona Healing Haven Project- Non Profit)
www.wymanexcavating.com ( Excavation Company)
www.childrenjustice.net (Fathers Rights Organization)
jcduarte6.wixsite.com/mysite (Landscaping Company)
I don’t have any websites that are within your genre of business ,but I hope these do some justice.
Have a Great Day!

Anthony Vital – Failed to Pay – Outstanding Balance

Anthony Vital – Failed to Pay – Outstanding Balance

anthony.m.vital@gmail.com – 503-507-8967

Anthony Vital used our services and failed to pay his balance. He owes for 10 hours of labor. Seller beware when doing business with him.

Steps to Take With  a Potential Non Paying Customer:
1. Get their address and contact info before starting.
2. Get 2 forms of payments on file in case the try and dash.

Rahul Singh – htmlwebdesign29@outlook.com – SPAMMER

Rahul Singh – htmlwebdesign29@outlook.com – SPAMMER

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Logo Flames – 4075454596 – SPAMMING

Logo Flames – 4075454596 – SPAMMING

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