Jeff Wenzel – – SPAMMER

Jeff Wenzel – – (888) 211-7263 – SPAMMER

Here we have Jeff Wenzel – from the Woodshed Agency sending us more spam. Thanks for the spam Jeff!


First off, you don’t know me, but I know we both enjoy crowdfunding.

Now, I want to assure you you’re not in a drip campaign and I’m not planning some aggressive attack on your inbox to get you buy something from me. If you give me, 22 seconds I can explain.

As a crowdfunding and digital marketing consultant, what’s increasingly clear is the formula for success changes as fast as the social media landscape. A few years ago you could get good organic reach on Facebook, and there were blogger influencers who could create excitement for your campaign. Nowadays even Twitter is kind of more work than it’s worth, and an article from a year ago on how to succeed, even from a respected source, is probably questionable.

So to keep my awareness of what’s working, right now, I realized I needed to talk to lots of currently successful crowdfunding campaigns. So I started a podcast, and that’s what I do. It’s called Successfully Funded. In each episode, I talk to the creators of world-class successful crowdfunding campaigns across all product categories (investing, sports, business, art, games, etc.) to extract the tactics, tools, and routines you can use. We talk about favorite books, morning routines, exercise, time management, and much more. As a someone who has run a crowdfunding campaign, I bet you’ll like the conversations I have.

Prior guests include Scott Thrift (Today), Alan Teng (Linkbook Pro), Ray Wu (Wynd), John Reumerman (Woodiehub), Edorado Carlotti (Warage Card Game) and others. It’s generally the #1 crowdfunding podcast on all of iTunes and I’d be honored if you would check it out (iTunes, non-iTunes feed), and subscribe if you like it.

Already heard it once or twice? Please comment like you’re leaving a review, and tell me which guests I should have on!

Talk soon,
Jeff Wenzel
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2 replies
  1. Jeff Wenzel
    Jeff Wenzel says:

    Explain to me again how this is spam? I targeted you and saw that by all accounts online you might be into my podcast. So I sent you an email. Isn’t this what email is for, to email people? I’m not afraid of reaching out to individuals to see if they might want to join me in my world. It’s guys like you who are so closed off to the outside world that gets their panties in a bunch instead of hitting delete and moving on with your day. Now if I sent you an email about penis enlargement, then I would see your point. However, in this one, I think you are wrong and I encourage anyone who reads this comment to reach out to me. I’m a human and emailed another human to start a conversation.

  2. SEO Findlay
    SEO Findlay says:

    “First off, you don’t know me, but I know we both enjoy crowdfunding.” – Jeff

    We do not enjoy crowdfunding nor does any of your content in the email pertain to anything that we have done…Ever……so you had no reason to email us. If you would actually close in on your targeted market and not shotgun for sales and recognition then you would not have this problem.


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