Zilis’ CBD Product Analysis

Pass or Fail Testing PENDING

What is Zilis?

Zilis is an Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company established in 2015 at Dallas, Texas.

On their official website, the company explained that “Zilis” (/za-Lease/) is a Swahili word that means “nutrition multiplied.”

This is one of the core values of the company which is why they choose to stick with their health and wellness product lines.

The company describes itself as being the “Amazon of CBD-Based Health and Wellness Products

Zilis is on online retailer of CBD products with a unique offering of symptom specific tinctures.

Zilis CBD The Ultra Company

Zilis, pronounced /za-lease/, means ‘multiplying nutrition’ in Swahili. We have taken that idea and made it a reality with our ULTRA brand. Founded in 2015 by renowned entrepreneurs, Steven and Angie Thompson, Zilis has changed lives across the nation and around the world. With over 20 years of business experience, our Founders have created a movement. Our mission is to provide unlimited opportunity for our Ambassadors, while our unique Pay It Forward program impacts those in need at home and abroad.” 

Zilis Products

It is important to note that Zilis does not manufacture its own products.

Instead, the company pick some of the best CBD-based and hemp oil wellness products in the market and sell them on their own ecommerce platform.

As I have mentioned earlier, Zilis identifies itself as the “Amazon” counterpart when it comes to providing top quality hemp oil products and CBD-based supplements to consumers.

  • Zen: Body-shaping goods that give users an electromagnetic energy charge.
  • Vera Life: Same type of wellness products but in liquid form.
  • Common Sense: Figure-sculpting solutions from top manufacturers.
  • 7 Help CBD Oil: Natural hemp-based essential oils that can be applied for skin rejuvenation and refreshment.
  • Clean Machine: Organic goods for people who work out.
  • Wright Family Organic Skin Care: Natural skin care products.
  • Elemental Essential Oils: Directly extracted out of organic plants and herbs.
  • Safe4U Cleaning: Household sanitizing and cleaning products that do no damage to the human body and skin.
  • Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Oil: This hemp-derived essential oil is one of the main products that the business opportunity markets. It improves the condition of the skin and is intended for direct application.
  • Aleris Skin Care & Cosmetics: Organic skin care goods for people who have a sensitive and allergic upper epidermal layer.
  • Cutting Edge Health & Wellness: Natural wellness products.
  • Ultimate Life Styles Travel: Exotic vacations at discounted prices.

Zilis’ Certificate of Analysis’ (COAs)

Zilis has no COA’s listed on their website for their products. COA’s are basically results published by a third party testing lab to show all cannabinoid levels to ensure product authenticity.

How Zilis Describes Their Brand:

“Our brand provides complete endocannabinoid system support, driving Zilis to become the fastest growing hemp-derived CBD company in the United States. This success comes directly from the positive exchanges that our Ambassadors have with everyday people. Zilis is a unique hybrid social marketing company whose only advertising comes through word-of-mouth sharing of our ULTRA products—UltraCell® Full Spectrum CBD oil and UltraCell Topical by our nationally distributed workforce of Independent Ambassadors and retail customers. Unlike others, Zilis is not influenced by “big pharma” or Wall Street.”

Zilis’ US Hemp Authority Certification – Fake or Legit?

Zilis CBD The Ultra Company

Zilis advertises that they are certified by US Hemp Authority. After a few minutes of research you will find that the website for this organization is very vague and in the image below you can see that the website is not even 1 year old. There is nearly no other content on the web about the US Hemp Authority except for their own website.

Zilis CBD The Ultra Company

Zilis Company Overview Conclusion

With years of experience in examining CBD companies and testing products, Zilis displays some signs of possible inaccuracy and false advertisement. The major red flag is the possible self manufacturing of the US Hemp Authority website. The organization provides Zero real credibility along with no Certificates of Analysis listing on their site for “Certified Companies”.

We invite Zilis to contact us by commenting on this post to clarify these topics. Product lab testing will be conducted upon receiving product samples from Zilis at no charge to verify cannabinoid levels.