402-829-9112 – 4028299112 – Telephone SCAMMER

402-829-9112 – Telephone SCAMMER

CALL FROM: 4028299112

CALLER: Craigslist Scammer

Rowena Luis - The Sacred Wanderer

-called and I did not answer seems to happen when I put stuff on craiglist then I will get email saying they will send a certified check for stuff on craiglist ……..its that they send a certified check and its a bogus certified but then they somehow have access to my account because it is an overage of amount its a circus I want no part of these scammers are lazies who have conned a lady down the street from me who paid them(I didn’t get an explanation how Yet) but scammed her out of $150,000.00 Yes that is a whopper and people never, never trust a nobody you don’t know–Its your right to be an outright _itch and tell then good-bye scum.
-Received a phone call from this number on Thursday, Saturday and then twice today (Sunday). Sick of it!
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