Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews7 Negative Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews – READ Before You Go

In this article we will show real Centeno Schultz  Reviews by patients who spoke out against failed treatment and huge out of pocket expenses.

About Centeno-Schultz Clinic

Centeno-Schultz Clinic operates stem cell therapy clinics in Broomfield & Lone Tree, Colorado. Their team is lead by Christopher J Centeno, MD & John R. Schultz, MD. Dr. Centeno, M.D. is an international expert and specialist in regenerative medicine and the clinical use of mesenchymal stem cells in orthopedics. Dr. Schultz is an interventional pain management specialist and is double board certified in Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology.

“Where Orthopedic Stem Cells Injections Were Invented — Based in Broomfield & South Denver, the Centeno-Schultz Clinics are America’s premier regenerative medicine orthopedic clinic and non-surgical sports medicine clinic, devoted to providing pain relief without medications or surgery. Our interventional orthopedic clinic treats patients with a variety of joint, spine and neck problem areas from all over North America, Europe, and Asia.” Per Centeno Schultz Clinic’s website.

Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews by susan  Cendant Stem Cell Center Reviews by sami

FDA Warns About Stem Cell Therapies

Some patients may be vulnerable to stem cell treatments that are illegal and potentially harmful.

Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews by joe

They Claim to be “The Nation’s Most Experienced Stem Cell Therapy Specialists”

Dr. Schultz & Centeno go out on the limb to claim to be the #1 stem cell therapy clinic in the United States. Such a claim could not be any more false and is back by nothing. There are thousands of Stem Cell Specialists in the country with far more advanced equipment and procedures that Centeno Schultz Clinic. They are simply making this claim to trick and attrack more potential patients.

What does Centeno Schultz Clinic Cost?

“With two Colorado locations, the Centeno Schultz Clinic is the world headquarters for the International Regenexx Network and home to multiple stem cell injection research teams. We are the top regenerative orthopedic clinic in the United States, with industry-leading experience, published research, specialized interventional orthopedics training, and published outcome data. In addition, we are world-renowned sports medicine clinics.” Per their website.

Centeno-Schultz Attacks Other Stem Cell Clinics to Gain More Business

Centeno-Schultz is not a clinic, they are a business that runs a factory like stem cell clinic. In the last year they have attacked 6 competing Clinics with negative articles on their blog. This tactic is often seen by unethical business owners who try and push out their competition and create more growth for their own business. Christopher J. Centeno, M.D is the author of the following posts below attacking their local competition.







Each of the links above lead to articles written by Dr. Centeno. Since publishing, it is safe to say that Centeno-Schultz Clinic’s sales have skyrocketed. Along with this practice they seem to be writing/buying fake Centeno Schultz reviews on Google and other platforms.

As a reader and/or potential patient, would you call this ethical behaviour from a Medical Doctor?

Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews (Negative) on Google

Tom Schadt Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews

2 years ago
I will stick to just the facts. First appointment cost $550, I was told that I had three tears in my right and two in my left shoulder and had a 30% chance that the stem cell treatment would work. I forgot my MRI so I came back and Dr. Shultz spent 10 min then had to leave and it cost $160 and that my neck needed treatment. I ask if I could have one shoulder done and the answer was no, two for $8,000. Neck for $2,000. Next I scheduled an appointment and was given the patient package that said there was only a 20 t0 40% chance that they would get sufficient stem cells to do both shoulders. Then why would they not let me do one shoulder because they were not going to get enough stem cell to do both. They are more interested in the dollars than the patient. Dr. Shultz is in such a hurry that his explanation are confusing, I had another person with me who agreed we did not know what they were going to do with the left, right shoulder and the neck. Read on for more Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews.

Celeste Magnuson Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews

4 years ago

I had a physical therapy appointment today ($232). it was a waste of my time. The therapist spent the entire time doing assessment, including my neck and shoulders (I was there for hips and back), and told me I needed to come back if I wanted to receive help with exercises, etc. …another $232.

The docs are great, but the administrative staff (most) seem as though you are just there to give them more work to do and don’t go out of there way to be helpful.

Continue reading below for more Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews. 

Joseph Hewitt Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews

3 years ago

I wish there was two separate review segments for this office. I only saw this clinic one time. At that time I purchased in full an immobilizer brace. No paperwork was done, no waiver or other agreements, only a credit card receipt was signed. Then 1 year later I started getting bills from a collection agency, out of state of course, for the same brace, for the same amount.

The doctors here are very good. Do they sell off patient information to illegal billing practices, I cannot say, but it certainly seems this way. If you see this clinic, and I am by no means not saying don’t see these guys, I would recommend the doctors definitely, just be wary on purchasing any medical equipment from them….. Dealing with a bogus collection agency over a year after the fact, extremely infuriating- Read forward for more Centeno Schultz Reviews.

Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews by william

2 years ago

My daughter and I were both patients of Dr. Shultz for over 5 years. Both of us were pleased with the outcomes. The staff is amazing. But recently, my daughter after multiple PRP treatnents on a bulging disc got zero pain relief, with over $5,000 in out of pocket expenses.

We called and emailed multiple times asking about other options available with NO reply. This was troubling beyond belief. We thought they cared but obviously they didn’t. More than anything the inability of Dr. Schultz to respond was devastating after such a long Dr/patient relationship.

We have since gone on to other options with better results.

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WMorley Morley Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews

a year ago
This clinic is impossible to get in contact with and when you do they are both rude and uncaring. Would not recommend any one to this clinic!

Nikko Cook Centeno Schultz Clinic Review

a year ago
Rude staff. Tried to be nice and got hung up on. Tired to help fix the problem and got yelled at. I dont care if this was the last place on earth, I will never go to a place that is so disrespectful. Maybe you’re nice to patients but you are downright nasty to everyone else.

Teresa White Centeno Schultz Clinic Review

a year ago
My experience is that with regular strains, tears, and mild arthritis they can help you. But upkeep with them is a fortune. So you’ll need to decide if paying thousands a year for upkeep is worth it. I don’t believe they care about you. If something didn’t work and you have questions and email you, they will not reply. I have experienced this first hand. If they don’t like what they see for a review, they often have it removed, even if sites claim doctors can’t do that (I guess millionaire doctors can). I have also experienced this first hand. Their fees are truly disgusting and they can take advantage of the fact that most people are unfamiliar with regenerative medicine and don’t know better about the costs. One of the regenexx doctors (not Centeno or Schultz) even calls himself “Doctor Money” as an instagram account name. These people are greedy. The Centeno Schultz Marketing Manager, Caitlyn Talmadge and one of their doctors – Otono Silva – even placed two of the 5 star reviews on this site (near the bottom). “Yelp” and “Trustpilot Regenexx” have more fair and accurate online reviews in my opinion. There is something fishy about all of the non-stop, 5 star reviews. Read on for more (Fake) Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews.

Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews (Fake) on Google

Below are several Centeno Schultz Reviews  which we feel are fake for the following reasons: 1. Accounts only have (1) review which is of this clinic. 2. Accounts lack profile pictures or contain a fake picture. 3. The reviews are obviously wrote by staff members who want to push the top reasons to choose their clinic. 4. The reviews are wrote with SEO in mind as they are injected with keywords that they want to rank in google for.

Writing or buying fake reviews is very common for unethical business owners especially in a controversial industry. You decide after reading the Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews below.

Cynthia Cottam Centeno Schultz Reviews

1 review 
a week ago

“Everyone at Regenexx, at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic, were very kind and respectful. Dr. Pitts was the greatest! I appreciated his expertise and his sense of humor. I also appreciated that he respected my modesty.

I had stem cell injections in my knees and right hip, with a follow up of PRP a couple of days later. The results, especially in my knees, have been incredible! My knees feel 95% better than before, and it has only been 8 weeks in the treatments. I would totally do this again, and I would totally go back to Dr. Pitts at Centeno-Schultz!”

 Evening Star Hunley Centeno Schultz Reviews

1 review
a month ago
Very impressed with the healing resulting from stem cell injections in my damaged ankle and knees. Life it’s has improved so much now!

Sherrie Graber-Cole Centeno Schultz Reviews

1 review (Centeno Reviews)
3 months ago
Dr. Centeno is the most brilliant doctor on this planet.
i was told several times by a few Orthopedic doctors that I need a knee replacement from the pain surrounding my knee. I refused to give in to surgery and decided to get a second opinion by Dr. Centeno who was referred to me. After a consulation and a few injections for my MC and IT band, I started feeling less pain. Dr. Centeno continued to research why I was still having some pain. After doing an ultrasound and asking more questions from me, he found out the pain was coming from ligaments that had been displaced from a previous fibula fracture which had nothing to do with with replacing the knee. A few more injections and I feel stellar! We are talking Brilliant!! No need for surgery. Dr. Centeno has now become my permanent doctor which I recommend to anyone needing a second opinion about surgery. Better yet, skip[ the Orthopedic doctor visit and make your 1st appointment with Dr. Christopher Centeno.
This man is a genius of Medicine and needs to be recognized.

Jim Hanley Centeno Schultz Reviews

1 review
a month ago
I’ve been a patient of Dr Centeno for over 8 years. I have nothing but the highest complements for his professionalism, insights and overall care. Diagnosed with severe cervical spondylosis over 9 years ago, his semi-annual injections have kept me nearly pain free and clearly helped me avoid a multi-level cervical fusion, at least for the time being.

Tanya Saarva Centeno Schultz Reviews

1 review
a month ago
Dr. Pitts is great. I’ve gone to him for different types of injections in different places. He’s friendly, funny, answers all of your questions and knows what he’s doing. My first experience was with stem cell injections in my knees. Bad patella tracking left me with chondromalacia patellas. I think that a combination of the stem cell injections and functional training w/ Brenna Backe at Koa Fit in Boulder helped extend my life on the tennis courts. I’ve also had the PRP type injection in my elbow to treat tennis/golf elbow and that was a definite success.

jjowensfamily Centeno Schultz Reviews

1 review
4 months ago
Dr. Schultz is amazing! He is very thoughtful and went out of his way to make sure I felt comfortable and was very thorough in his examination to make sure he understood how to best help me. He took the time to give me a detailed explanation of my condition and his treatment plan. I am so grateful he is my doctor and for the opportunity I had to receive PRP injections through him. All of Dr. Schultz’ support staff that helped me were very friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend Centeno-Schultz Clinic!

Lara Forchuk Centeno Schultz Reviews

1 review
5 months ago
The Centeno-Schultz Clinic was a pleasure to deal with. They are professional yet make the experience personal as well. Dr. Schultz has an excellent bedside manner that helps to put one at ease. I highly recommend them to anyone considering stem cell therapy.
You can find more (what we believe to be fake) Centeno Schultz Reviews on Google.

As a reader and/or potential patient, would you call Centeno Schultz an ethical practice?

More Centeno Schultz Reviews

Anna Smithon Facebook

The clinic is staffed with highly professional and helpful employees in all areas. They treated my shoulder issues and neck issues with very great improvement. The doctors and attendance were very friendly, knowledgeableAnd efficient. I highly recommend this clinic for all your stem cell needs. Read on for more Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews.

Elizabeth Yogabeth Escardoon Facebook

Highly recommend! I have had the PICL for my cranial cervical junction instability. Dr Centeno has been absolutely brilliant dealing with my complex injury. Blessed to have him as my dr. The whole staff is outstanding and caring.

Sherri Kaye Langeon Facebook

The entire clinic is fabulous. Dr. Centeno and his staff are intelligent, friendly and professional. I have had several treatments for a variety of issues and my progress in each case was remarkable. I encourage folks to try this therapy before having surgery.

Alana Wallaceon Facebook

The entire staff at Centeno-Schultz is courteous, professional, and caring. The clinic is clean and comfortable. As an out-of-town patient, they made my arrangements for the procedure headache-free. I am a wheelchair user and the staff went over and above to assist me with transfers, dressing, and other accessibility/personal needs. Dr. Pitts is an excellent physician and I have had improved functioning results with my PRP procedure! Continue reading for more Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews.

Joe Silbernagelon Facebook

I had the stem cell procedure done at Centeno Schultz Clinic on both wrists in August 2019. After enduring the initial swelling etc. which was expected, I no longer have unexpected swelling from normal activities like I used to. Hopefully it will keep getting better in the next months and stronger also. Dr. Markel also injected my left heel for plantar fascia that I’ve had for years and has now completely cleared up no more limping or pain. Very professional staff Dr. Markel was great.

Judy Goletzon Facebook

Stacey Kaufmanon Facebook

They are continuously doing research, their ethics are unsurpassed, they are extremely competent and every member of the team is professional, kind and compassionate.

Sharon Richardsonon Facebook

Have been going to Centeno-Schultz for a few years – the entire staff is dedicated to taking care of their patients — there is no question left unanswered.
I have had multiple areas treated .. at age 76 I have accumulated quite a bit of damage. My recent treatment with Dr Markle builds on prior improvements to my cervical and lumbar spine. Will not hesitate to return to the clinic when the need arises.

Junx Scotton Facebook

Centeno-Schultz clinic and Dr. Markle are game changers for our family. Their PRP and stem cell therapies have helped us and several of our friends overcome injuries without surgery. They are the BEST!

Teryl Bergon Facebook

Dr. Centeno and all of his staff were absolutely phenomenal. I felt thoroughly heard and well taken care of in a way that was both professional and warm. Even though Dr. Centeno had my imaging and had a good idea of what he wanted to treat prior to my appointment he still did a thorough hands on work-up to make sure. During that he found other minor areas to treat. It is things like that, the smaller thoughtful things that he is not getting paid extra for, that tell me he is a really good doctor. Dr. Schultz was also wonderful and reassuring prior to the procedure. All of the support staff were amazing too! I cannot say enough good things about this team!

Christina Meredith-Flisteron Facebook

Dr. Markle and the staff at the clinic go above and beyond.

Lenor Davison Facebook

When I applied to Centeno-Schultz Clinic for treatment to my left knee, Dr. Markle suspected that some of my pain was coming from my lower spine. I had stem cell injections into my left knee, PRP injections into that knee and my lower spine. Mr. Reilly PT, did dry needling of muscles in my legs and low back. I was so impressed with the dry needling that seemed to “wake up” weak muscles, that I went back for another session before I had to leave town. It has been eight weeks and I am sleeping better at night. I can walk for longer periods of time with very little pain. My limp is improving. I have been getting back into doing yard work and am now able to mow my lawn without needing to recover from the experience. I will be 73 in a few days. I am confident that I will live out the rest of my life without needing knee replacement surgery.

Denise N.on BirdEye

They only get one star because you have to leave one to be able to leave a review.

I found Centeno but be more concerned with making money versus doing the right thing. I saw Dr Hyzy a few months ago. They first of all charged my insurance $1900 for a 45 minute visit. Then, well of course they can help me with my knee, as well as my ankle. After I got an MRI they wanted to charge me for MY test results. I have NEVER had a doctor charge me for MY test results.

I got a second opinion from a well known ortho group in the Denver area, who is know doing stem cell as well. They said it would be a total waste to do stem cell on my knee because it is so torn up from sports and life. But Centeno assured me they could help no conversation of surgery, for the cost of $6500 to $7500.

And just to shut down the thought process that the ortho I saw, who said do surgery, I can’t use then for surgery, so they had nothing to gain by telling me to not do Stem cell.

I strongly suggest getting second opinions before letting Centeno do anything to you!!!

Deborah Kay Simmonson Facebook

08/17/2019, 02:54 AM
I had stem cell injections in 5 places. I am leaving walking with braces in very little pain. The staff took good cate of me in every way. Overall great experience.

Darla Shafferon Facebook

See my post from Aug. 3 that the clinic seems to have removed from this site because it was negative.

Mary Grumbein-Mansfieldon Facebook

Dr. Hyzy is the best doctor! He really cares about his patients and takes the time to listen and answer questions. I had stem cell on both of my knees. What a difference this procedure has made. After 6 months, I have little or no pain.
I am back to walking and spinning. Today’s scan showed more improvement. I find the staff to be very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. The stem cell procedures are state of the art.

Suzie Spath Youngon Facebook

Awesome staff! Procedure went smoothly and everyone was very caring and helpful. They are all very professional and knowledgeable and took time to explain everything in detail and answer all of questions!

Bill Brennanon Facebook

seem to be the leaders in Stem Cell Therapy. Very professional and informative. I’ve seen noticeable improvement in the torn meniscus in my knee.

Renee Davison Facebook

Excellent experience could not be happier DR Markle answered all of my questions and concerns

William Bondon Facebook

I have been exploring regenerative medicine options at several clinics. Some I did not feel comfortable with. After an initial exam and consultation at Centeno-Shultz Clinic, I felt very comfortable and confidant that I will receive good care at the clinic.

Spencer Youngon Facebook

All I can say is PRP works. These guys are the best. Thanks for being there during one of the worst times of my life and fixing me.

Misty Crideron Facebook

Very clean, professional, the staff was very friendly and I could tell they all love what they do.

Mena Spragueon Facebook

I like this is the clinic who are pioneers in stem cell procedures and do follow up on with their patients. All staff are kind, courteous and helpful. One leaves with confidence after the office visits and experience.

Liz Franklinon Facebook

This was my second stem cell procedure with Centeno-Schultz. I can’t say enough good things about the clinic and the outcomes of my procedures. I recommend them to everyone who has orthopedic issues!

Lynne Harknesson Facebook

My back pain is significantly lessened due to the PRP treatment I had at centeno-Schultz clinic! Not 100%, but better.

Sherry Harmson Facebook

Dr Lucas provides pre-counsel information which greatly impacts for the good the decisions I had to make regarding my treatment. The process was easy and I experienced little to no pain. With excellence and professionalism the staff made me feel I confident from the beginning of contact – through council – during procedure and one and a half months after experiencing no pain in my affected joints and getting better with my mobility and confidence in the stability of my joints every day. I appreciate the follow up.

Susan Collinson Facebook

My knee pain had reached a point that prevented me from walking more than 5,000 steps per day. I could not go up or down stairs without pain. My orthopedic doctor said I would eventually need total knee replacement but it was not bad enough now. The treatment plan the orthopedic doctor recommended might give relief for 60 days to maybe 1 year.
In looking for options, I found the Regenexx procedures. After contacting the Centeno-Schultz Clinic, I found out that it was possible to have one of their doctors give an initial evaluation of possible treatment options. Dr. Markle discussed options and outcomes in a realistic manner, giving me more information to make an informed decision. I decided 
to choose Regenexx treatment through their office. It has been 1 week since the procedure and my recovery is noticeable. I realize that the recovery will continue for the next 6 months but I’m having to be sure I don’t push too hard in just enjoying being pain free with more movement. Top notch staff and doctors. HIGHLY recommend you have a conversation with them about treatment options. There is no commitment and it might be something that would benefit you and the rest of your life
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