Security Services Available in Findlay, Ohio

A Preferred Findlay Home Automation Company

Bee Safe LLC provides customers in Findlay with home automation services that gives you total access. Take control the devices in your home from a single mobile device anywhere in the world. You will have control of lights, thermostats, sprinkler systems, heating & cooling and so much more. Choose Bee Safe LLC to configure your home with a home automation system.


Bee Safe LLC  has been a leading security and home automation company in Findlay and the surrounding areas. Our priority at Bee Safe LLC is to provide the most effective security solutions to your life allowing you to live your life more at ease. We offer a wide variety of home automation solutions including alarms, cameras, lighting, locks and more.


Our alarm systems have been the top selling security system for the last two years in the area. We offer both wired and wireless alarm solutions with remote access via smartphones. Unlike many other companies Bee Safe does not increase your monthly monitoring rate based on the number of system sensors connected to your system. Whether you have 1 or 50 alarm sensors your monthly rate will remain the same. We also provide 3g or 4g solutions for alarm communication for our customers who do not have an active phone line at their property. This solution allows us to secure remote buildings such as barns or grain elevators. We stand behind our work and are confident that you will not find a more dedicated Findlay alarm company with such commitment to their customer’s safety.


The process of a Findlay home automation project is made easy with our professional consultants. We will schedule a consultation with you to review your automation needs and compile the best package suited for your property. We prefer to walk through your area that needs secured with you. We do this to discuss and plan while you are able to ask questions and express concerns. Our Findlay home automation professionals have extensive knowledge in the security & automation industry and will provide you with their honest recommendations for achieving your goals.

After the initial consultation and property walk through we will compile an estimate and present it to you.. You will then have the ability to decide which items on the estimate you would like to keep or remove with no pressure from us.

Once you accept the estimate we will set a date to begin automating your home.

Latest News About Bee Safe LLC

Dec 15th 2016 - Thank you - Facebook Post

We at Bee Safe would like to say Thanks to Fremont Fence, Clouse Electric, Offset Electric, Local Law Enforcement Agencies & individuals for their kind words and referrals! We at Bee Safe will make certain we take care of the individuals and businesses you referred us to. Thank You!

Dec 9th 2016 - Company Update - Facebook Post

We have several big project estimates out there, now it’s a sit and wait.
In the mean time we are moving forward in other areas, as a company we are expanding into the IT Department line of work. We have a committee formed working on revamping/improving our physical security division.
We are sizing up to be a solid partner with an Indiana development company whom we have been providing “the best security we’ve ever had” (their words) to expand our services into alarms, cameras, access controls for their projects.

We were approached by DirecTV & AT&T to add them as a partner so we can push sales as well as install their products here in NW Ohio.

We have our company’s name in the “hat” to be selected to do a “Smart City” for a city here in Ohio.

The year 2016 has been a solid year, but we are hoping to finish the year even stronger and to explode (in a good positive sense) as a company in 2017!

Don’t forget everyone who gives referrals that we are told about receives a gift from Bee Safe!

Thank You to Everyone who has been a pillar of good referrals/remarks for Bee Safe!

God Bless Everyone!