Meas Agency – 480-297-3064 – Unprofessional Designs

Meas Agency – 480-297-3064 – Unprofessional Designs

What are we looking at? Perhaps one of the worst website designers in the area. Recently reviewed on SIMON Score they dont even make the charts. Meas Agency, value or trash?

Do We Recommend This Developer?  No

Based on the information provided by agents who has evaluated these sites along with customer
reviews submitted; we do not recommend this developer for web design.

Does This Developer Produce Modern Work?  No

Based on the Meas Agency websites evaluated by our agents. It is determined that Meas Agency
does not produce sites that fit in with the modern day look & feel desired by the public.

Overview of Score

Meas Agency has been rated 0 stars based on the average rating  of each
individual website they have developed. The following 5 category ratings have been
determined by a real human who has evaluated their portfolio.

Individual Category Rating: Based on 2 Sites

Look & Feel:   0.0
Vulnerability:  0.0
Navigation: 0.0
SEO: 0.0
Image Quality: 0.0

Top Issues Impacting SIMON Score

Overall, these are the worst sites I have ever seen in my professional career. It appears as if the developer’s
own site was thrown together in under 15 minutes and made live. Their portfolio contains screenshots of sites
without direct links, 1 of which goes to a parked domain. The other go to a website created by someone else.
The last site in their portfolio can not be found anywhere in a Google search.  Ultimately the Meas Agency’s website
is bare that looks like no effort at all was put into the design. I see serious concern for anyone considering to use this
developer as their work is terrible.  Reviewed by: Agent 23

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