Phoenix, Arizona Area Pain Management Clinics Will Now Be Known as Unity Spine & Joint

A group of Phoenix, Arizona Area pain management clinics has just announced that they will now be operating under a new name. These clinic branches, which were formally called the ‘Pain Stop Clinics’, will now become known as ‘Unity Spine & Joint’. These clinics also want their patients to know that nothing else about their services has changed. Patients can still receive the same reputable pain management services that they have come to expect at their Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, Avondale, and Indianapolis, Indiana branches.

One of these clinics health professionals, Dr. Thomas Morgan, offered these comments on the recent name change, “We have been thinking for a while now that it might better fit our image to have a name that more precisely reflects the type of pain management services that we offer. The name ‘Pain Stop Clinics’ just seemed to have a little broader interpretation of our services than we would like. That’s why we decided to change our name over to ‘Unity Spine & Joint’. This more precisely indicates the areas of the body that our pain management services are targeted to help.”

Dr. Morgan reiterated that nothing else but their name has changed. He says their clients will still be getting the same patient-focused care that these clinics have long been known for. The Doctor said that the excellent customer service and warm friendly atmosphere that they consider an essential part of their services will remain in place too. None of the locations of their clinics have changed either.

As their new name suggests, Dr. Morgan says their pain clinic in Mesa and at their other clinic locations will still be carrying out treatments that attempt to help control spine and joint pain. The doctor mentioned the health professionals at their clinics will also continue to work hard to stay up to date on the latest and best methods to treat spine and joint-related medical conditions. He says that each of their clinics offers pain management therapies that target such areas of the body as the upper back, the lower back, the neck, the sciatic nerve, and muscles and joints. The clinic has made a reputation for themselves by treating those that have been injured playing sports, injured in auto accidents, or have injured their spine and joints in a variety of other ways.

Those who have received treatment from them under either name claim to be extremely satisfied with their pain management services. Here is an example of that in a glowing review from Amber Johnston who wrote, “I only have great things to say about the team at Pain Stop! From the beginning, they work with your insurance to make sure you get the most affordable care possible. They get to the source of your pain and provide gentle treatments. I personally did trigger point injections, chiropractic, stretches, and massage therapy. They also provided me with a back brace for home use. They are all so friendly and knowledgeable! 5 stars, hands down.” Here’s another from Mollie Thayer that states in her 5 out of 5-star review, “Everyone at this clinic is AMAZING! Every staff member is genuine, knowledgeable, and experts at chiropractic and massage therapy. I am so grateful to have found them when I did. Right away they alleviated my upper back pain through massage, E-STIM and chiropractic care. This clinic employs the best people! Thank You!” Both of these reviews and others like them can be seen on the clinic’s Google Maps Business Listing.

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