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MUST WATCH: “George Floyd was a career criminal, He was not an amazing person” – Candace Owens

Candace Owens speaks out on why she does not support George Floyd. She detailed his criminal history, which includes 8 arrests between 1997 and 2005 in Harris County, Texas. Floyd, 46, allegedly held a woman against her will at gunpoint before searching her house for drugs and money. “Everyone is pretending that this man lived […]

Centeno Schultz Clinic Cost – READ Before You Go

What does Centeno Schultz Clinic Cost? Centeno Schultz Clinic Costs For Stem Cell Therapy According to patient feedback Centeno Schultz Clinic Costs between $3000 – $8000+ According to CentenoSchultz.com, their stem cell procedure costs are not listed. (see below) “Because the procedure protocol will vary from person to person and because each person will have […]

‘Start low, go slow’ still applies for pain management, especially for older patients

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Arizona Pain Clinic – Chronic pain influences a huge extent of more established grown-ups and most long haul care occupants. Overseeing incessant agony viably is basic yet testing, and it has been muddled by worries about narcotic maltreatment. Agony the executives can be securely enhanced with an arrangement that adjusts the dangers […]

Phoenix, Arizona Area Pain Management Clinics Will Now Be Known as Unity Spine & Joint

A group of Phoenix, Arizona Area pain management clinics has just announced that they will now be operating under a new name. These clinic branches, which were formally called the ‘Pain Stop Clinics’, will now become known as ‘Unity Spine & Joint’. These clinics also want their patients to know that nothing else about their […]

Can smoking marijuana increase your chances of getting the coronavirus?

This is a generally excellent inquiry in light of the fact that, in the United States, we appear to have a higher pace of COVID-19 hospitalizations among individuals who are younger than 50 — a lot higher contrasted and different nations. One of the potential reasons could be that this nation has higher paces of […]

Legal marijuana products too strong for pain relief

Over 90% of the legitimate cannabis items offered in clinical dispensaries are a lot more grounded than what clinical investigations have indicated that specialists suggest for interminable help with discomfort, as per an examination distributed in the March 26 online release of the diary PLOS ONE. To numerous that may appear to be something to […]

Coronavirus in Ohio: Medical marijuana dispensaries can offer curbside pick-up

COLUMBUS – Ohio clinical pot patients would now be able to get their medication without leaving their vehicle or entering a dispensary. This includes Ohio’s newly available Cannabis Metered Dose Inhalers. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy on Friday incidentally permitted dispensaries to make deals in the parking area or on the walkway outside the store […]

Delaware Officials Allow Medical Marijuana Delivery Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Home conveyance of clinical weed may before long be accessible to patients in Delaware under a crisis program being turned out by state controllers. It’s one more advance intended to guarantee safe access to clinical cannabis items while restricting the danger of coronavirus transmission. Conveyance from one organization, Columbia Care, which has areas in Wilmington, […]

Is Centeno Schultz Clinic buying fake Google reviews?

Is Centeno Schultz Clinic buying fake Google reviews? Recently I came across this review of Centeno Schultz Clinic by Teresa White. She explains how their staff wrote reviews on Yelp and Trust Pilot. Unethical?   Teresa White 1 review a year ago My experience is that with regular strains, tears, and mild arthritis they can […]