Hancock County Sheriff’s Office drops the ball on missing person investigation.

Updated: Oct 11th, 2019

After nearly 3 months of searching by community members and private investigators the remains of the missing man were discovered along railroad tracks outside of Arcadia, OH. The remains were found by a railroad worker just North of Knollcrest Cemetery around 3:20 PM, October 9th, 2019.

Deputies arrived near the scene and staged at the Knollcrest Cemetery approximately 100 yards South of the remains. Using an ATV, individuals of both law enforcement and family were shuttled back and forth from the remains on the tracks.

With virtually zero assistance from The Hancock County Sheriffs Office according to the family over the course of the 80 days that the man was missing the search is finally over. Unfortunately family members are left with many unanswered questions including how the remains were missed by multiple search parties conducted since July. Over 60 volunteers showed up to one search organized by the family in late July. Among the group of volunteers were volunteer fire departments and prior military individuals.

The railroad tracks were walked multiple times by multiple teams according to sources familiar with the search parties.

Several privately owned (non-law enforcement) k9 Search and Rescue Dogs were utilized during the wide scale searches across the county. These dogs are highly trained in cadaver detection and have screened the area multiple times without any discovery of remains.

The remains have been sent to the Lucas County Coroner’s office for examination.