Fostoria Police Scanner analog traffic is permanently off-line for many residents across the city.

FPD Has Switched From Analog to Digital Radios

As of 12:00 am November 1st, the Fostoria Police Department has indefinitely suspended the use of analog radio systems. This means that several hundred fostoria police scanner listeners in and around the city will no longer be able to hear FPD’s radio traffic on analog 453.3525 Mhz.

Digital Radio vs Analog Radio

Analog Radio

An analog radio works by picking up the audio signal from the transmission site along radio frequency waves known as carriers. This allows listeners to tune into analog stations on FM/AM frequencies from home radio and car equipment. You listen to the electrical radio waves as they are transmitted directly from the radio station to your analog radio. These radios waves are transmitted continuously, without interruption to the sound.

Digital Radio

Digital radio is the transmission and reception of sound processed into patterns of numbers, or “digits” – hence the term “digital radio.” In contrast, traditional analog radios process sounds into patterns of electrical signals that resemble sound waves.

Digital radio reception is more resistant to interference and eliminates many imperfections of analog radio transmission and reception. There may be some interference to digital radio signals, however, in areas that are distant from a station’s transmitter. FM digital radio can provide clear sound comparable in quality to CDs, and AM digital radio can provide sound quality equivalent to that of standard analog FM.

Remembering the 2009 Television Switch to Digital


The Benefits of The Switch to Digital

Reduction in Criminal Activity

Cutting out the use of basic analog signals and upgrading to digital should create positive results for Fostoria Police. Many criminals and drug dealers have access to cheap analog scanners. This allowed them to listen to police traffic in Fostoria while engaging in criminal activity. This switch may result in an increase of criminal apprehension by not allowing them to keep tabs on the department.

Digital Signals = No Static

Analog signals carry voice from the transmitting radio to the receiving radios. Digital signals carry packets of data allowing for a clean and static free transmission.

How to Listen to Fostoria PD going forward

At this time it is not possible to listen to FPD police traffic without knowing the specific radio criteria used by the department.

How to increase your home’s security for less that $50 this year.

Small town’s are not immune to crime, and the holiday season is approaching. This time of year poses a higher risk of becoming a burglary victim. Holidays tend to result in homeowners keeping more cash on hand and high value items in their home. For less than $50 anyone can increase the security of their home by adding an extra layer of intrusion detection to the perimeter.

Recommended Alarm Devices

Alarm systems by Bee Safe Security are a great way to alert family members or neighbors of trouble within your home. These systems can cost hundreds of dollars and require a monthly monitoring fee. A more affordable option is to purchase basic door and window alarms & glass break sensors. These items may be purchased on Amazon and we recommend the following items:

Door & Window magnetic contact sensor alarms:

This are extremely easy to install and provide a loud siren when the protected area is breached. A pack of 6 costs $25. These can also be found are local dollar stores for $1-$5 each.

Glass vibration alarms:

These alarms are simply placed directly on a window or any area that you wish to detect vibration. When an intruder attempts to break a window with this sensor, the alarm detects the impact and will emit a loud siren alerting you of trouble. A pack of 4 costs $25.

Mennel Milling Co. cutting costs by reducing salaries of company positions.

The Mennel Milling Co. headquartered in Fostoria, OH has replaced 2 major company positions in an effort to cut costs. Both the plant manager & warehouse manager company positions will see change in leadership. The new candidates will be accompanied by significantly lower salaries compared to their predecessors.

Mennel was founded in 1886 and is headquartered in Fostoria, Ohio. The company employs roughly 150 people at the Fostoria plant.

Fire departments battled a house fire in Fostoria Tuesday night.

According to Fostoria Police Scanner radio traffic. Fostoria Fire Department along with Tiffin Fire responded to Barcelona drive late last night for a single story house fire. All family members were reported to have escaped without injuries and the American Red Cross was dispatched to provide aid.

FFD successfully took control of the fire within 30 minutes from arriving on scene. No other damage to nearby structures was reported.

Fostoria Plaza Auction Begins November 4th, 2019

According to all 3 buildings at the Fostoria Plaza are set to go to auction on November 4th, 2019. The listing agent is Josh Miller with Friedman Communities.


Fostoria Plaza is ±163,241 SF shopping center located in Fostoria, OH. Constructed in 1972, the property is comprised of two (2) single-story inline shopping center buildings, one (1) single tenant former Kmart big box building, and approximately eight (±8) acres of vacant land for new development. In total, the entire property is made up of eighteen (18) retail units ranging in size from 900 to 52,571 SF. There is a total of twelve (12) units available for lease totaling ±148,259 RSF. Currently 9% occupied, six (6) units are occupied by established national, regional, and local companies, such as Rent-A-Center, Advance America, and Fiesta Salons.

The ±24.3 acre site offers ample parking, with ±900 parking spaces at a ratio of ±5.51 spaces per 1,000 RSF. The property is positioned with approximately 1,800 feet of frontage on the north side of Plaza Drive, 700 feet of frontage on the west side of US-23 in downtown Fostoria, OH.

Fostoria is located at the convergence of Hancock, Seneca, and Wood counties in northwest Ohio. It is approximately 40 miles (64 km) south of Toledo and 90 miles (140 km) north of Columbus.

Established in 1854, Fostoria is best known for its famous glass production years and for its abundant rail traffic and business that continues today. Today, the Fostoria Rail Preservation Society is still very active in Fostoria, as well as the Fostoria Glass Heritage Gallery and Association.

Fostoria police scanner

Home invasion ends with 1 intruder dead & 1 at large in Fostoria, Ohio

Fostoria Police released a press statement regarding the home invasion that took place on the night of October 19th.


Shooting, 243 W. Lytle Street

Fostoria, OH – At approximately 11:36 pm, October 19, 2019, Fostoria Police received a call for individuals breaking into a residence located at 243 W. Lytle Street, Fostoria.

The caller, a male, stated that two individuals had broken into his residence and during a struggle, the owner had been shot and that one of the intruders was also shot. The female occupant of the residence was not injured.

Many Fostoria police scanner listeners tuned in to learn; Officers arrived and found an occupant of the home with a bullet wound and he was subsequently taken to the hospital by Fostoria Fire Division where he was treated and later released. One of the intruders had also been shot and was dead on arrival.

Currently, the investigation is continuing, and it appears that this residence was the only target.

It is further reported that a second intruder was present and escaped prior to arrival of the officers. It is possible that the second intruder may have been shot as well. The second intruder is described as a black male, estimated to be aged between 20-30 years and his face was covered to prevent being identified.

Fostoria Police were assisted by the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio BCI, Seneca County Prosecutors Office, Ohio State Highway Patrol, CERT and the Seneca County Coroner.

The deceased has yet to be identified and this investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information that could lead to the identification of the intruders are encouraged to call the Fostoria Police Division at (419) 435-8573.

Release 10/20/2019

mennel milling scott flick blake lemley

Mennel Milling Co. Fostoria initiates volunteer early retirement.

The Mennel Milling Co. in Fostoria, OH has begun offering early retirement to it’s employees in an effort to cut cost. The plant manager position is soon to be handed over from long term employee Scott Flick to Blake Lemley.

Replacements for other company positions are pending confirmation.

Mennel was founded in 1886 and is headquarted in Fostoria, Ohio. The company employs roughly 150 people at the Fostoria plant.

Concealed Weapons Permits on a Rise in Fostoria, Ohio | Higher than state average.

A study was conducted last month revealing that nearly 20% of traffic stops by Fostoria Police Department involved a person with an active Concealed Weapons Permit. In Ohio, roughly 8% of the population has a CCW permit according to statistics. This rate falls close to Alabama which leads the charts with 22% of population with permits.

The study in Fostoria, Ohio was conducted over a course of 2 weeks by utilising police scanner traffic. With delayed technology upgrades at FPD, Officers are notified over the radio by dispatch when a license plate number is processed. In the state of Ohio, drivers and passengers are required to notify law enforcement when they are in possession of a concealed or openly visible firearm.

The reason for the increased number of CCW permits is not entirely known. Although, there is some correlation with crime data.

The crime rate in Fostoria is considerably higher than the national average across all communities in America from the largest to the smallest, although at 31 crimes per one thousand residents, it is not among the communities with the very highest crime rate. The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Fostoria is 1 in 32. Based on FBI crime data, Fostoria is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Ohio, Fostoria has a crime rate that is higher than 88% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.