Eastowne Estates Mobile Homes Findlay, OH Bad Business Ethics, Lies & Collusion

BUYER BEWARE: Before doing business with  Croys Rentals | Eastowne Esates Mobile Homes in Findlay, OH be sure to read this post regarding a mobile home on Huntington Dr.

Eastowne Estates in Findlay, covered up thousands of dollars worth of damages. This included life threatening issues with electrical wires and gas lines within a mobile home. Eastetown Estates knowing overlooked several gas line leaks at every appliance along with plumbing and electrical issues. This article describes the entire happening with the mobile home park.

Eastowne Estates Findlay Ohio

Lies & Collusion by Eastowne Estates:

In June of 2011 I met with a realtor from Remax based in Findlay, OH.  She had a 1972 mobile home for sale in the Eastowne Estates mobile home park managed by T.C. & Sons. I was given a tour of the place a couple times before the Realtor surprisingly offered me a 50% reduction in price with all closing costs and legal fees waived. This reduced the final sale amount to $4,000. I was advised that Eastowne Estates inspects all homes for flaws before they are sold to ensure safety. I assumed that the realtor was really just trying to cut me a great deal and sell the property asap to get it off the books. Soon be told I would find out that this was not the case at all.

The Conflict of Interest at Eastown Estates:

At the closing I was told that the owner of the trailer was the Realtor’s daughter whom both of them had been good friends with the management and owners of Croys Rentals / Eastowne Estates. She mentioned to me that the roof on the shed needed to be re-shingled and that she would cut me a $400 allowance to cover that cost. By Eastowne Estates policy, every trailer is supposed to be inspected and approved by the Matt Croy and their staff before it can be sold. Assuming that the inspection already took place I put my trust in the mobile home park and closed on the deal.  I ended up buying the mobile home in Eastowne Estates for $4000 out the door. I would later find out that I should have been present during an inspection as Matt Croy and Eastowne Estates in conjunction with their Realtor friend has just sold me an extremely unsafe and flawed home.

Hidden Damages & Hazards Overlooked by Eastowne Estates in Findlay:

Within a few weeks of being there I discovered the following: 1. Black deposits coming out of all water fixtures with all water pipes 80% blocked with buildup throughout the entire unit. 2. Gas leaks at the furnace, stove, oven and connection points. 3. Water leak at the main line into the trailer and under the sink. 4. Faulty Wiring at the water heater that was connected with electrical tape. 5. Shed roof was damaged beyond just needed new shingles. Management would even drive by and keep track of who was staying overnight at my place and call me asking about it and even left notes on my Girlfriend’s car. What kind of HOA does such a thing like that? Eastowne Estates was no place that I wanted to be for any longer.

Attempting to Sell With Eastowne Estates:

The nightmare began when I attempted to sell my trailer. Matt Croy and other staff members with Eastown Estates came by to do an initial pre-sale inspection which obviously had been the first in several years. They handed me a list of 10+ items that needed fixed before I could list the unit for sale. The items were: Replace the shed roof, paint the shed, replace the shed door, fix the front screen door, paint the back deck, fix the toilet, fix all of the leaking gas lines, pay to have their electrical post positioned closer to my trailer, replace all of the plumbing with 80% blockage causing zero water pressure. And the list went on and on, at every re-inspection they kept adding more and more onto the list making it impossible to sell.  After spending nearly $3,000 to make the repairs I was eventually able to sell the home to the buyer who had been waiting months to purchase but was held up by the Croys. Now my question for Matt Croy at Eastowne Estates is why was the trailer sold to me in the condition that it was and why did you make me fix it. The unit should have been inspected prior to me purchasing it which it obviously was not.


Bottom line is, they are unethical liars who think they can pull fast ones on anyone they see vulnerable. Therefore before you decide to buy a home from the Croys in Eastowne Estates in Findlay, Oh make sure that you hire an outside inspector to perform a total inspection on the unit before purchasing. Do not rely on their word that they have inspected it and give no credibility to an inspection record from management. The Croys also owns Crestwood Apartments @ 1801 Fostoria Avenue, Findlay, OH 45840 with an ApartmentRatings.com score of 1 Star.

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