How to increase your home’s security for less that $50 this year.

Small town’s are not immune to crime, and the holiday season is approaching. This time of year poses a higher risk of becoming a burglary victim. Holidays tend to result in homeowners keeping more cash on hand and high value items in their home. For less than $50 anyone can increase the security of their home by adding an extra layer of intrusion detection to the perimeter.

Recommended Alarm Devices

Alarm systems by Bee Safe Security are a great way to alert family members or neighbors of trouble within your home. These systems can cost hundreds of dollars and require a monthly monitoring fee. A more affordable option is to purchase basic door and window alarms & glass break sensors. These items may be purchased on Amazon and we recommend the following items:

Door & Window magnetic contact sensor alarms:

This are extremely easy to install and provide a loud siren when the protected area is breached. A pack of 6 costs $25. These can also be found are local dollar stores for $1-$5 each.

Glass vibration alarms:

These alarms are simply placed directly on a window or any area that you wish to detect vibration. When an intruder attempts to break a window with this sensor, the alarm detects the impact and will emit a loud siren alerting you of trouble. A pack of 4 costs $25.