Mysterious Philadelphia “Businessman” Appears in Fostoria – an Apparent Fake Attorney

Marshall Allan K., an non-licensed Attorney at an unknown Law Office in Philadelphia, PA has “never heard of Fostoria.” until last August. His free Weebly website is far from a professional display. New to shopping mall ownership he showed great excitement while also making insane promises to fostorians. According to The Disciplinary Board of The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, there is no Marshall Allan K. listed.
My goal will be to have this place 100 percent filled up (with businesses) by Thanksgiving,” Marshall said in an interview Friday while seated in the lobby of the Best Western Inn & Suites and wearing a white suit that has become his self proclaimed trademark. Although, he shouldn’t be celebrating with a current 1 star rating on both Google and The Better Business Bureau.

Marshall Allan K promises happiness in Fostoria.

He said his top goal is to find a tenant for the 52,571-square-foot former KMart store.

The first priority is to have one of the three (top) retailers have an opportunity to come in here — Walmart, Target or Costco,” he said. “Then I have a second tier of possibilities.” Unfortunately his plan to fill the Plaza 100% by Thanksgiving would be impossible according to local officials. “Everybody’s going to be unhappy,” Marshall said Wednesday in a phone interview. “I’m unhappy. The community’s going to be unhappy. But there’s going to be happiness in Fostoria. It’s still a good piece of land. I think someone will want it in the next six months and do good things with it.”

My goal will be to contact some developers to invite them to explore the possibilities of giving them some part of the lot so that they can construct housing units at the plaza. I think because of its location and the need for apartments, it would be a great investment for just about everybody, be it the tenants or be it the developer or be it me. I think it would make a lot of people happy … I’ll explore that as a serious, serious possibility because that’s more than just money. That’s doing a lot of good.”

His Goals, Top Goal and First Priority all failed at the end of August.

The deal to purchase the Fostoria Plaza was set to become official on September 22, 2019. Sadly the self appointed Philadelphia Lawyer failed to research development and repair costs before promising happiness to Fostoria.

The Fostoria Plaza deal is off. 

The repair quotes totaling in roughly $395,000 for the roof of the former location of the Food Town and Great Scot grocery stores and $400,000 for the parking lot were too much for him.

“That’s $795,000 on top of the purchase price, and I just didn’t have the money for that, so the deal fell through”

And as quickly as the “Man in White” appeared, he was gone.

In conclusion we have learned how easily a small town’s media can be hijacked by a Colonel Sanders impostor. Mr Allen mixed up a hoax in Fostoria that hovered like fog for nearly 2 months. All while leaving the citizens of Fostoria disappointed and confused. And with that said, Fostoria is strong and will make it through the rough times; while always continuing to thrive.

Marshall Allan’s fake Law Office ratings and reviews are not good.

The 1 Star Wonder.

Teri B

a week ago
Horrible, rude, disrespectful, idk what type of attorney he is and what he even wanted but I know I don’t trust him.

Kennen Boone

11 months ago
I wish I could give him zero stars. I spoke with him over the phone. He is quick to tell you his rate. When you begin talking, he doesn’t want to listen what you have to say. He becomes disrespectful, resulting in me hanging up the phone. What an arrogant creep. He has no business practicing law.


9 months ago
One of the worst ambulance chasing lawyers around. Asked Allan for over one year to please leave me alone. However Allan continues to harass me. I left several messages asking to Stop. Told Alan I will be calling The Bar Associaton and file a suit. Maybe now he will stop. Run away fast.

Jasmine Williamson

a year ago
He is the worst don’t give him a dime because as soon as you do he will start disrespecting and degrading you. He’s not a good lawyer and you’ll never meet him he’s more than likely working for the person your in a dispute with. The attorney I recieved wasn’t him she didn’t know what to do in court for my case or the other person case and the judge even commented.

Michelle Jenkins

a year ago
I recommended to not use him at all. He asks questions that are personal, and not regarding the case, and demeans you for the response, if not to his liking. I also gave a call to his office, clearly stated my name twice in the message, and when called back, he asked my name. He speaks very fast, and when done the same in efforts to give details, he asks you to speak slower but cuts you off. The worse part is that he stated do you want a lawyer or to make a speech. When I asked if he was even a lawyer due to his manners, he hung up the phone on me.

Biruk Ambaye

a year ago
This idiot person first of all he don’t even deserve to be called LAWYER.
DOESN’T EVEN HAVE OFFICE./he uses some one office/just to collect money and he can’t even afford to have office at this location.
Not disciplined at all…he almost cursed out his client
When you talk to him over the phone he don’t want you to say A single word and he say “STOP STO STOP STOP” . This happened just after I paid him his fee.
After I made a settlement he want me to pay the money to him straight instead of sending the check to the credit card company with out giving me a receipt thank God the company allowed me to pay them.. And he get mad coz I knew he wouldn’t make that payment because he is illegal.
Guys his price looks cheaper than the others please don’t look that pay more and get a professional service to be represented…the reason his price is cheap because this bastard is CHEAP AND UNPROFESSIONAL .
Before you take any action please think again.

Chris O'Toole

2 years ago
Weird dude, I got a bunch of letters from his office trying to get me to hire him to rep me in a dispute. The letter is pretty goofy, on hot pink stationary. He tells me that there’s 5 ideas he has to help me but there’s actually 6. One of the ideas is to declare bankruptcy, which will “set me free”. No dude, it doesn’t set you free. It just gets any creditors off your ass for the time being.

Kola Hauser

3 years ago
I went today 9/23/16 he was a great lawyer outstanding performance in the court room. He knows what he is doing trust me he’s very good on landlord and tenants. He will make sure you owe nothing ( if he can) my credit is not messed up because of him no eviction because of him. He just want his money lol. He just needs to work on that lol.

Cassandra Hanlon

2 years ago

Rude and misogynistic, makes inappropriate comments on females attire. Also asked my cleaning company to clean for him once. Demanded we cut our hair and wear all white scrubs, and the best part is he attempted to pay LESS THAN $10 AN HOUR FOR HOUSE CLEANING.

This man is insane and insulting. A terrible person in general.


2 years ago

Extremely rude! He was making comments and asking questions about how I dress because I am female! I was completely cut-off every time I spoke. He misheard something I said and hung up on me!

How could anyone want to deal with him?

Amy Kirch

2 years ago
He is the worst land lord I ever seen. Hires the worst manager that runs off all his.bussiness. American Rengeny 250 Carroll Drive Sierra. Vista Az. The manager goes into people’s rooms and steals personal belongings. The police have serviced the place with A little 10 day ordinance. They have to come up with a game plan to clean up the place or be shut down. The police have been there 91 times since January. The main problem is the manager. She is never here. She fakes accidents to work other jobs. The owner never comes here. Half the rooms are empty because the manager refuses to rent them. Mainly because she is never here.

Brooklyn hill

2 years ago
He don’t know how to talk to people not a good Attorney don’t do it

Spasoje Jovanovic

3 years ago


2 years ago