How to disable page locks on The Review Times & The Courier.

What is a page lock?

Are you tired of seeing articles posted on Facebook from The Review Times and The Courier that you can’t read because you are not a subscriber? Luckily there is a quick and simple way to bypass their page locks so you can read about what is happening in your town without being forced to pay.

When you open an article online and are not a subscriber you will soon see this message show up.

In other words, “Sorry, we shared this article on Facebook to try and gain viewers but you have to pay to read it all.”


How to disable page locks

To disable the page lock simply click the article link or load the page in your browser. As soon as you see the text on the page appear press “ESC” on your keyboard a few times. This will terminate the loading of additional script including the page lock message. If you see the message before or after you press “ESC” than you did not press it soon enough and will need to reload the page and try again.