Susans (1) Star Review of Regenexx

1 star: Bad

They Give you Procedures Without a Diagnosis

I received 6 PRP treatments. 4 hips, 1 neck, 1 lumbar. The procedures went well and I got some relief from them albeit very short lived. I would recommend them for an issue that you are sure of having. Be sure of the issue before you go because they will not diagnose you. They will give you the treatments if you want them without them diagnosing you.
My opinion of the physician ( Dr. Musman) changed drastically many months later. After the 6 procedures, he ordered a new MRI of both hips, my back and my neck.
I was having tremendous pain in my back, hips, legs, neck and arms despite finishing the PRP procedures. I sent the MRI to the doctor and the response was that I had a tendinosis tear in my hip. Thats all that was said, even after I expressed how painful the whole area was. Many months after he told me that, two new doctors looked at the same MRI and they diagnosed that I actually had two very badly rumptured discs in my back and bony growths and a bulging disc that brought back my neck pain. My pain had been very high since the Regennex doctor ordered the MRI and “looked” at it after all the PRP procedures. The PRP had no effect on my pain. In fact it got so much worse.
It was outrageous to me that this doctor did not even mention the possibility of any problems with my discs and that it could possibly have been the cause of years of pain that was only getting worse. The doctors who viewed the MRI much later ( as my pain became unbearable) said that the disc herniations were very obvious. The whole time I should have been treating my discs in my back. I was never thoroughly examined by Regennexx nor did they ask about or order an initial MRI of my back. I feel as if I would have know long long ago and perhaps saved myself A LOT of money if they had.
I believe I had the ruptured discs for a very long time. The possibilty was not ever mentioned.
I feel as if the Regennex doctors did not do a thorough job with any diagnoses that I needed desperately. It would have been very good to know what was really wrong with me before I continued to have 6 PRP procedures at the grand total of $14,000, plus hotel stays took the grand total to almost $18,000.
If an additional MRI of my back and neck was ordered initally, I most likely would have known what was wrong. The doctor recommeded a PRP procedure on my back and neck without an MRI or x ray to view. Isnt it the doctors job to get a more solid diagnosis before recommending expensive procedures?
I really wish I had known about my ruptured discs.
The Regennex headquarters will be receiving this review because I believe I ended up a misdiagnosed victim who put trust in the doctors and procedures and ended up much poorer and with nothing to show for it.
I dont believe the PRP procedures hurt me, but I believe they basically made money off me. I got absolutely nothing out of it and now I have the terrible problem of significantly ruptured discs, am out of work without pay and I dont know if I can improve my health.
Shame on them. Very negligent. Stay far far away.
I recently learned that Dr. Musman was closing his practice and moving to the south.
Convenient. I hope people get properly diagnosed BEFORE going to Regenexx. They will just give you the procedures and take your money. I was desperate for help and I feel very taken advantaged of. Now I need treatment and possibly surgery and am $18,000 poorer.