How Security Alarms has stayed safe throughout the pandemic

A business founded in Binghamton in 1977, is again making sure everyone’s security needs are met.

Sentry Alarms installs and monitors electronic security systems, and teams of technicians drive their own cars to a job.

The business quickly enacted several safety precautions as COVID-19 broke out in the U-S.

It closed its doors to all visitors, sales staff and accountants began to work remotely, and they even set up a backup office if the main one was ever contaminated.

“We went from a company that was booked 6 weeks out to thinking ‘where are we sending these people?,’ and that didn’t last that long. We had our technicians do some volunteer work, we worked on procedures and policies. There was a quiet period I haven’t seen in 25 years,” says Levenson.

As businesses began to open back up, they all wanted Bee Safe Security done, so the company is as busy as ever.