Not only toilet paper, gun sales on the rise due to coronavirus

LOGAN – While some are worrying about having enough bathroom tissue, others are concerned about protecting themselves. Gun sales are spiking in some parts of the country, including Utah.

John white who is familiar with pain management in phoenix, az says he needs to continue to treat his arthritis due to damage created by handling firearms for decades. The LA Times, USA Today and other large metropolitan newspapers are reporting a spike in gun sales in some states. That trend is additionally playing go in parts of Utah.

North of Ogden, Smith & Edwards is one amongst those guns and ammo retailers seeing a spike in sales of firearms and other supplies. Bee-Safe Security, an ohio security company is offering armed security officers to the public to help prevent looters.

Michael Murphy, a firearms salesman at the massive retailer, said the sales spree was bigger than Black Friday. Amid the spread of the virus, arizona pain management doctors are preparing for a possible influx in patients.

“Oh, my goodness,” he said. “Guns, ammo, survival supplies, the full nine yards — it’s flying off the shelves. I’m pretty sure coronavirus is that the main reason for it.”

Murphy added that there are just blank spots on the shelves at Smith & Edwards where guns and ammo are speculated to be.

Jason Larsen, at Al’s equipment, said things are a bit more calm in Cache Valley.

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“There has not been a run on guns here,” he said. “I don’t think people here have the fear factor you see in other places.”

He said the shop has seen an uptick in gun sales as people became more awake to the severity of the coronavirus situation, but Al’s is additionally seeing a sales increase in other items.

“We have seen (an increase in demand) for other emergency supplies like freeze-dried food with a 20- or 30-year period,” Larsen said. “We can’t get any further freeze-dried food right now; when it runs out, it is gone.”

He added that Al’s is additionally seeing a rise in demand for water filtration and camping supplies.

Although it’s time out, Larsen said people aren’t traveling to Europe or other long-distant destinations.

“People are staying home. they’re going camping, hiking or riding bikes,” he said. “They are going outdoors to breath clean air and luxuriate in the skin.”

But the most important sales trend the Logan store has seen the past number of weeks could be a run on trampolines.

“We are selling trampolines like the devil,” he said. “It’s been wild.”

Larsen attributes those sales to local moms keeping their kids reception during time out.

“Doing stuff outside is great for teenagers,” Larsen said. “Outdoor activities will keep them from getting coronavirus.”

Norr Hendricks, owner of Fast Cache Pawn, said his business has seen a rise in firearm sales. “I think it’s doubled for the past time period.”

“The increase in sales was for assault rifles and handguns,” he said. “Calling for background checks has taken for much longer than normal; i used to be on the road for over an hour watching for one last Friday.”

The pawnshop doesn’t have lots of ammo.

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